Self-Led Professional Development

for a new generation of leaders

A flexible 6-week communication course that takes your Millennial and Gen-Z teams to the next level.

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Act Natural

A professional communication course that provides 6 weeks worth of content through an app, book, and card games, that can be done anywhere, anytime!

Developed by NIDA Corporate Training, with 30+ years in workplace training and staff development. Act Natural was designed to empower the next generation of leaders, creators and teams.

Teaching workplace essentials

A multi-platform experience

Combining an interactive app, videos, stories, card games, practical exercises, audio guides and more.

We know that the traditional approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Instead, you’ll watch short films, play card games with friends, and apply your new skills out in the real world. Every lesson is meticulously designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills you gain will stick with you for the long haul.


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A whole new skill set, today

Lessons from Act Natural can jump from the book to the boardroom — just like that. Your team will learn practical skills they can use every day, straight away.

And better yet, this course is designed with the modern Australian workplace in mind, allowing people to learn on their own terms, wherever and whenever suits them.

new skill set

What the FAQ?

They can! This course is designed as a personal experience, but having others to support you in your learning journey can definitely offer an elevated experience. Like having a gym buddy. We can provide team leaders with training notes and guidance to help them support their team and offer moments for sharing or team activity that enhances the work. And we are always here for you if you need to troubleshoot some training solutions. The course content, however, is designed to be done individually, so you don’t need a team to get the most out of it, and it’s absolutely fine if some team members progress through the course faster than others.

Of course. If you’re ordering more than 10 copies, you’re eligible for a discount. Get in touch with us and we’ll discuss the best plan for you.

We don’t share data, because we take our privacy commitments seriously. But we can let you know when your course tokens have been activated. If you’re doing this course as a team, our training notes and learning support will offer you guidance on how to check in on staff to see how they are progressing. Remember, don’t rush them, this a personal experience and different people will take a different path to the end.

Many people struggle with everyday communication and confidence, even if they seem like they have it under control. A course like this can help every member of your team, from the most anxious juniors to the most influential seniors, because there’s always room to grow.

Your team will improve their abilities to relate to others, command a room, and create a presence that suits any situation. Awareness of others is a core lesson in Act Natural and this alone will benefit the business as each member will learn to relate and collaborate with one another better.

Absolutely! Giving your team Act Natural is a great way to encourage their growth, but signals that you understand how and when they like to learn. A self-directed course like this allows them to learn independently and at their own pace, so it works around their day-to-day. Plus, it looks great under a Christmas tree.

We’ll try to clear her schedule. Alternatively we know a Kate Blanchett. Much fewer Oscars but she’s definitely available.

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A flexible 6-week communication course that takes your Millenial and Gen-Z teams to the next level.