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Reimagining self-directed learning for a new generation of professionals

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Prologue by NIDA is a genre-defining communication course that combines a book and an app, featuring short films, audio guides, games, and activities. It’s designed so that you can learn the way you live.

Learn soft skills for every hard situation

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Being effective in your role isn’t just about ticking things off your to-do list — it’s about the moments between the tasks. It’s knowing how to handle small talk with your manager’s manager, getting your team motivated on Mondays, and handling tricky calls with fussy clients.

Act Natural, the first course from Prologue by NIDA, offers you a new toolkit, so you can adapt and thrive anywhere, and with anyone.

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Reviews from the critics


“A brilliant interactive course that allows the learner to fully embrace the content by actively participating.”


“Feels creative and premium… it’s not usually something I’d associate with personal or professional development courses.”

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“You could immediately tell this was going to be different, interactive and fun. Have really found the different platforms used to engage has kept the information and learnings dynamic and interesting.”

Prologue is unlike any professional development course I’ve ever done — in the best way possible. 


Your new toolkit,
sent to your door.

$759 a course.

Free delivery in Australia

Look behind the scenes

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The National Institute of Dramatic Art is known for training some of the world’s best actors and performing arts experts; from your favourite on-screen characters to the backstage superstars.

But for over 30 years they’ve also equipped Australia’s most innovative leaders with a unique set of tools and techniques to be better at work and in life through NIDA Corporate training.

Prologue by NIDA gives everyone a chance to uncover these insights for themselves, whenever and wherever suits them. It’s self-directed learning that lets you learn the way you live. 

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