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Professional development 
designed for work, made for life.

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Grow on your terms

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Life is unpredictable. This means your ability to adapt to various situations and guide conversations might just be the most important skill you’ll ever learn.

(Yes, even more than parallel parking.)

Act Natural, the first course from Prologue by NIDA, is a self-directed and interactive professional development course that teaches soft skills for the workplace — and beyond.

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Vocal and physical presence

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Emotional intelligence

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Get your boss to pay for it.
It’s a work expense.

Here’s an email template you can start with.

Hey [insert name here],

I found a professional development course by NIDA that I’d love to do. It improves soft skills like communication, confidence, and empathy, through the lens of the dramatic arts.

It’s a self-directed course, so I can do it at home or whenever I get downtime at work. You can read more about it at

Thanks, [insert your name here]

No lectures. No tests.
No hour-long videos.

We know that the traditional approach doesn’t work for everyone.

Instead, you’ll watch short films, play card games with friends, and apply your new skills out in the real world. Every lesson is meticulously designed to ensure that the knowledge and skills you gain will stick with you for the long haul.

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Learn the way you live.

Bite-sized lessons made for the hustlers and jugglers, so you can do them between meetings, before work, or while waiting for your lasagna in the oven. We fit to your schedule, no matter how busy.

Content that puts growth centre stage

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Act 1

Who Are You?

Discover your communication habits.

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Act 2

A Blank Canvas

Have a better command of your physical presence.

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Act 3

Craft Your Persona

Tap into your flexibility, power and energy.

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Act 4

Influence The Narrative

Strengthen your ability to impact others. 

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Act 5

The Beginning

Take all your new skills for a test drive.

It’s so easy to connect to, and trust. The language has an approachability to it ... the subtle jokes, the references. Big yes. 


Your new toolkit,
sent to your door.

$759 a course.

Free delivery in Australia

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Wisdom from the dramatic arts

At NIDA, students are taught to understand themselves and others through self-reflection and observation. This is pretty much the core of acting — the ability to observe and empathise so you can become just about anyone.

Those are exactly the skills you need to navigate the workplace with confidence.

Act Natural will help you discover yourself and develop self-awareness, improve your powers of observation and positively adjust how you communicate with others to get the outcomes you want in any situation.

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Life is unpredictable. This means your ability to adapt to various situations and guide conversations might just be the most important skill you’ll ever learn.

(Yes, even more than parallel parking.)

Prologue’s first course, Act Natural, teaches you how to present the strongest version of yourself so that you can craft a persona for every stage; whether it’s a big preso with the CEO or a first date at the zoo.

What the FAQ?

You’ll need your phone to use the app and a pen or pencil to write in the book. Headphones if you prefer. For some lessons, you’ll need a quiet place to yourself, and for others a friend or work mate to interact with. Oh, and bring an open mind. That’s a pretty important one.

You’ll have a whole new skillset you can use to your advantage, at home and at work. Plus, the book and app will always be at your fingertips, so you can come back to them at any time for a refresher. Plus, there’s a little surprise waiting for you at the end.

Act Natural is the first course of many. We’re busily designing the next course right now. Each course will draw insights from different aspects of the dramatic arts and translate them to essential learning for every day, drawing from decades’ worth of knowledge from NIDA and our corporate training.

While Act Natural has a strong focus on work, the lessons extend way beyond your office walls. You’ll not only learn to be a better leader and colleague, but a better friend, partner, and person. It’s always useful to grow in the right direction.

Watching lectures on a screen for hours isn’t helpful when you’re learning the art of in-person communication. Our lessons are designed with retention in mind, which is why it’s comprised of short chapters and hands-on activities to put your new learnings into practice, every day.

Some companies have a professional development budget that you can take full advantage of every year. Improving your skills in communication, presentation, and self-awareness is something that your workplace will highly benefit from.

We can’t guarantee a leading role – but blockbusters are always in need of great extras with even greater self awareness.

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