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Prologue by NIDA

Prologue is the start of a new learning story.

The dramatic arts is an industry that has always put communication, adaptability and confidence centre stage. Prologue by NIDA packages the unique abilities of the artist and translates them to essential, everyday skills.  We’ve thoughtfully designed an engaging and memorable learning experience for a new generation of learners. By seamlessly blending the digital and tangible, we’ve pioneered a novel approach to self-directed professional growth and learning.

It’s professional development like it’s never been done before. 

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NIDA Corporate Training

Prologue by NIDA, builds upon the highly regarded teachings of NIDA Corporate Training. With a legacy spanning over thirty years, NIDA Corporate Training is renowned for delivering practical, skills-based training in professional communication, presentation, and leadership to individuals and businesses across both public and private sectors. Leveraging NIDA’s extensive expertise in performance, NIDA Corporate Training offers in-person public and customised courses, one-to-one coaching, online training, group workshops, conference seminars, and keynote speakers. Together, we teach the skills of actors to help people be heard and seen on any stage.

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Powered by NIDA

The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is Australia’s national dramatic arts educator and innovator. NIDA is where it all begins. Our goal is to empower creatives of all ages and backgrounds and we offer training in the full suite of skills necessary to create and deliver entertainment experiences for audiences across stage, screen, events, new digital platforms and beyond. NIDA’s unparalleled rigour, practice-based learning, connections to industry and culture of innovation have produced some of the world’s most influential and in-demand storytellers.

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All profits from our NIDA Corporate Training and Prologue by NIDA learning products are retained by NIDA. By purchasing a NIDA Corporate or Prologue by NIDA course, you’re directly supporting a not-for-profit organisation and the future of Australian dramatic artists.

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